The Sample of Questionnaire at McDonald’s Survey

What is your favorite fast-food restaurant? If you love the burger, chicken wrap, or fried chicken, you must often visit McDonald’s. McD is very popular among other fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s is easy to find. You can find this outlet in every town. Even you go abroad; you will be easy to find its franchise in every country you visit. No doubt, this restaurant serves more than 68 million customers worldwide. The large number of chains which McDonald’s has is the proof that McD is largest and most popular fast-food chain.

It is not easy to reach this achievement. McDonald’s has to struggle hard to build its business while competing with other restaurants. We know that there are many similar restaurants outside. It is hard to maintain the customers’ loyalty since the customers can select other restaurants. Therefore, McDonald’s has mcdvoice survey to maintain the guests’ satisfaction. This online survey aims to identify the guests’ approval with the service and products from McDonald’s. So, McD can know which products make the customers happy. Besides, McD also knows which issues that makes the guests disappointed. No doubt, the opinion which the customers share through this survey can affect the business progress.

mcdvoice survey

As the customers, you have to voice up your complaints honestly to McD. So, McDonald’s can know and fix the issue which makes you unhappy. Do you want to feel the better dining experience at McD, don’t you? That is why you should not hesitate to express your feedback. Even you do not experience any problem in your last visit; you should need to take part in McD Guest survey. You can tell the positive feedback to McD. Your compliments will boost the spirit of this company to keep satisfying the customers. Besides, McD allows you to write comments or suggestions. You can share your ideas to make this store better. For instance, you can express your thoughts about the menu, speed of service, and the store cleanliness.

The Survey Questions at McD Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you have a receipt from McD, you deserve to take part in McDonald’s survey. But, make sure that there is a McD survey code on your receipt. With this code, you can access and respond the questionnaire easily. To complete the survey process, you do not need to spend much time. Only in less than five minutes, you can finish all processes. It is because the questionnaire in this survey is simple. Your task is just to rate some statements. There will be some scales you can choose.

Furthermore, McD survey also asks your suggestions and critics as well. So, you should not ignore this section. It is so since the comment section is your chance to write everything in your mind. Then, do you want to know the samples of questions in this survey?  You can review this explanation below.

  • Level of satisfaction.

McD wants to know the satisfaction level you feel after dining in McDonald’s restaurant. To respond this question, you can select one of the scales provided. The Likert Scale ranges from Highly satisfied to Highly dissatisfied. So, you have to recall how happy your recent visit was. If you had a nice moment in this store, you could provide the good rating. In contrast, if you experienced the terrible moment when you dine in, you can give the low rating for the overall service.

  • Type of transaction.

The next, you need to locate McDonald’s store which you have just visited. Also, indicate what transaction type you did. As the example, you may purchase McD product then eat it at the store. Besides, you may purchase McD menu through Drive-Thru service. So you can enjoy it at home.

  • McD menu.

You also need to rate McD menu. Here you can give your honest opinion about the taste of food. Also, you can express your thoughts about the presentation of the food. The last, rate the portion of the food as well as the temperature when it is served to you. Your opinion can help McDonald’s to improve the quality of the menu. So, you have to respond it objectively. So, in the next visit, you can feel the positive changes.

  • Staffs’ performance.

McDonald’s survey also asks your review about the performance of the store crew. This section gives you the chance to rate some aspects of the service given by McD staffs. As the example, you can rate the friendliness of McD employees. Also, give your review about the speed of the service. You must still remember the details how the McD store crews served you. If you think that did not prepare your order fast, you can voice your complaints.

  • Store atmosphere.

In the next step, you have to rate the condition of the restaurant. As the example, you should rate the cleanliness of the McD outlet. If you saw many messy tables, you should give the bad rating for the store cleanliness. Also, if you went to the restroom, you can review how clean it was. The last, rate the atmosphere of the McD store. Do you like the decoration and the layout of the store? If you enjoy it, you should give the high rating.

  • Frequency of visiting McD.

In this step, you have to mention how often you visit McD in a month. Answer this question honestly. Also, you can state whether you visited McD for the first time.

  • Return and recommendation.

In the last section, you should say your willingness to come back to McDonald’s. You must want to revisit this outlet if you had the nice experience of the previous visit. Then, state your likelihood to suggest or recommend McDonald’s to your close friends or family. If you get satisfied with the dining experience in McDonald’s, you should be likely to give the recommendation for the people around you.

Those are McDonald’s survey questions samples. But, you should notice that McD questionnaire may vary. But, the type of questions will be the same. No matter the questions you get during the survey, you have to answer it based on your experience.

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