Simple Guideline to Complete Burger King Survey

Are you burger lovers? Which burger outlet which you like to visit? Burger King may be one of the stores which becomes your favorite place. Implied by the name of the company, Burger King serves the various burger menu. So, when you go to this store, you can select the wide variety of burger and other tasty menus. If you often go to Burger King, you have to keep your receipt. It is because you can have the chance to turn your receipt into the valuable coupon. With this coupon, you can enjoy the free burger from this store. Are curious how to get it? Keep reviewing this article to find the simple way to get the reward from Burger King.

Have you known that Burger King creates a survey called MyBKExperience? Just by following this survey, you can enjoy the burger or sandwich for free. This survey allows you to tell your recent experience at Burger King store. During the survey, you will some questions about the details of your visit. As the example, you can supply your feedback about the food you ordered and the service you got. Then, you also can share your opinion about the atmosphere of Burger King store. Furthermore, this survey may ask you about the performance of Burger King store crews. Your honest feedback about these issues will be very useful for Burger King business. From your feedback, Burger King can make some improvements for the restaurant.


The main goal of conducting Burger King survey is to observe the level of guests’ satisfaction. No doubt, most of the questions in Burger King Guest survey ask for the rating to several aspects in the store. By considering the rating given by the guests, Burger King can find out the issue need to solve. Besides, they also can decide which area of the business they should improve. As the example, this burger outlet may get many complaints about the cleanliness of the restaurant. So, they have to improve the store cleanliness to make the guests more comfortable. If they ignore the complaints from the customers, their business will not be able to survive. It is so since they will lose many customers that are disappointed with the service.

Step by Step to Complete Burger King Customer Survey

Everyone will not get the difficulty to complete Burger King survey. The steps of the survey are easy to do. Besides, you will only need for about three or four minutes to finish it. Although you take Burger King Guest Satisfaction survey for the first time, you will be easy to accomplish all the steps. MyBKExperience survey portal provides the simple instructions in every survey page. This way, the survey takers can understand what they should do.

Before you begin the survey, make sure that all requirements of Burger King survey are ready. These requirements can support you to accomplish this survey easily. What items do you need to access this fast-food survey? First, you need a valid Burger King receipt. You should check this receipt whether it contains the survey code. Then, you need a mobile device or a PC to access the survey website. Check the speed of the internet connection you use. If it is not stable, you may get some trouble to load the survey page. The last, you need a pen as well. When this survey ends, you will receive a coupon code. Then, your duty is to record this code on your receipt. So, in your next trip to Burger King, you can claim your survey reward.

When you have prepared all items above, it means that you are ready for the survey. Then, follow this brief guideline to assist you to complete the survey easily.

  • Go to MyBKExperience survey portal.

You should load to start Burger King Customer Survey. This survey website provides three language options. If you do not master English very well, you can switch the language setting into Spanish or French. However, the default setting of Burger King survey portal is in English. Before continuing the survey, you can spend a little of your time to review Burger King survey privacy policy.

  • Supply the store number.

When you land on Burger King survey homepage, you will find the prompt to enter the store number. See the top of your receipt to find out Burger King Store number. Every outlet has the different store number. So, when you enter this number, the survey page can identify which Burger King location which you visit.

  • Provide Burger King survey code.

Then, look at your receipt to find out the correct Burger King survey code. When your code is valid, you will be able to start the survey. But, if you input the wrong survey code, you will get an alert to inform you that the code you input is invalid. Sometimes, the survey page also asks you to input the time when you made a transaction at Burger King outlet.

  • Answer all survey questions.

Now, you can begin to respond the questionnaire at MyBKexperience. In the first survey section, you have to give the objective rating about the venue, menu, and the staffs’ performance. Then, you will find a section where you can write your opinion, feedback or suggestion about Burger King. Try to give the honest response in every section of the survey. It is so since Burger King uses your feedback to determine the best strategy to improve the business.

  • Write down Burger King coupon.

After completing all questionnaire, you will receive Burger King redemption code. Always record this validation code on your receipt. This way, you can claim the survey reward from Burger King restaurant. Remember, you cannot redeem the reward if you cannot present the valid receipt. So, when you go to Burger King outlet, you should show the receipt along with this code to the store crew. Then, Burger King staff will check the validity of your redemption code. If it is valid, you can receive the Whopper sandwich. Burger King may apply the terms and conditions for this reward. Usually, you have to buy the certain menu to get this free sandwich.

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