Give Feedback to Papa John’s Restaurants and Get Free Pizza

Who needs boyfriend when there is internet and pizza? This slogan must work best if we are hungry and wants pizza to be our lunch. Well, we can visit Papa John’s restaurant that sells the best pizza in US. Today, this nice restaurant offers us free pizza. If we get interested in this offer, we can try to join PapaJohns Survey. indeed, the survey here will lead us to get free pizza but we have to follow the rules as it is not that easy. The restaurant hopes that customers can take part as their opinions are important for Papa John’s team.

About Papa John’s Restaurant

For our information, Papa John’s is such a chain restaurant that serves pizzas. we can find this restaurant franchises in 4,200 places spread in different 35 countries towards the world. what makes people love Papa John’s is that this restaurant use fresh and better ingredients. This restaurant has been serving the pizzas since 25 years old. In addition, the sauce and sliced veggies placed on the pizzas are natural and fresh. With the excellent service, fresh food products, as well as original dough, we will get the climax happiness enjoying pizza.

Like it or not, Papa John’s get higher scores compared to Pizza Hut, based on Brands Incorporation. We can see the quality of this restaurant through its slogan that is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.” it shows that this restaurant cares about the ingredients and nutrition for all customers. If we want to help Papa to improve the quality of the services and food products, we can take PapaJohns Survey.

PapaJohns Survey

About PapaJohns Customer Satisfaction Survey

As we can see, PapaJohns is such an online survey held by Papa John’s for all customers who care about nutrition and better service. We can access this online survey at without a doubt, Papa John’s team will listen to our comments, suggestions, as well as compliments. The survey in this case takes five to fifteen minutes and we can do it at home. Indeed, we may worry if our comments are negative. But, as long as it can help the restaurant to develop, it is much better to express it.

How to take PapaJohns Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Before we start taking the survey, first thing first, we need to know the stuffs that we have to prepare. Besides, it is important to follow all instructions for the sake of avoiding troubles.

What to Prepare for PapaJohns Survey?

  • First, we need a laptop, or smart phone, or maybe a tablet
  • Second, it is a must to have fast internet connection
  • Third, a sweet smile before start the survey
Step by Step to take PapaJohns Surveys

Alright, after giving our best sweetest smile, here are the steps that we have to obey for the sake of delivering our feedback. They are, such as:

  • Step #1:

At first, we should open an internet browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, or maybe Safari. When we are ready, we can go to visit It is the PapaJohns Survey official website that we have to visit.

  • Step #2:

Second step, it is the time for choosing the category of the feedback. In case we have good experience when visited Papa John’s, we can choose praise. In another case, if we have bad experience at this restaurant, we need to choose the category if suggestion, or maybe question, or the complaint one.

  • Step #3:

After choosing the main categories, we can choose the subcategories. They are such as service, delivery, and so on. the subcategories here will make our feedback specific.

  • Step #4:

After that, it is important to input our personal information. They are such as our complete name that contains first and last name, our home address, as well as the city and zip code. besides, we can write our active email address in case the restaurant wants to offer interesting promotions.

  • Step #5:

This step is the time for us to elaborate our thoughts in 3,900 characters at the max. as it has limitation, we need to make it brief and understandable.

  • Step #6:

Once we are sure that we write well, we can click the button entitled submit. Congratulation, we have completed the PapaJohns Survey.

After completing the survey, we may questions on how to get free pizza? Indeed, completing the survey is not enough as we need to do something more. Yes, we have to be the member of Papa John’s and we will get points for the registration. After taking PapaJohn’s Survey, we will get extra points that we can exchange to an item. If we have 25 points in our PapaJohns Member Card, we can exchange it to a pizza. Yes, we can say, the more we are active in joining the programs, the more points we will get.

How to Contact Papa John’s Customer Care Service?

Sometimes, we may be in need to contact Papa John’s office number. Or maybe, it is such a must for us to write a letter, send a CV, and so on. Of course, we need Papa John’s contact details. Somehow, we may get troubles in redeeming the points, getting in to the Papa John’s Survey, or maybe we need to talk to the customer service. Alright, here are the Papa John’s Complaints number and address that we can try. They are:

  • If we want to write a letter, we can send it to Papa John’s Headquarter at P.O. Box 99900 Louisville, KY 40269-9990
  • In case we want to call Papa John’s phone number, we can call at 1-877-547-7272
  • If we want to order a pizza, we can contact the Delivery Hotline at 887-7272
  • Somehow, we may need to contact the restaurant through online, we can contact the Papa John’s official website
  • if we want to take Papa John’s Survey, we can go to www

yup! That is all about Papa John’s and the information about PapaJohns Survey. We can take the survey to help the restaurant to improve their quality. We can collect the point on our member card and we can redeem it into a free pizza. So, have a wonderful day!

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