Best Tips and Tricks to Get Free Coffees at Starbucks for a Year

Dear all coffee lovers! We must know how it feels to live a day without drinking a glass of delicious hot coffee. Yes, it is like something is missing in our self. We all agree that drinking a glass of hot coffee when it is winter or raining is such a great thing to do. One of the best coffees that we can try is the one served by Starbuck. Without a doubt, it is such the best restaurant that sells coffee with super delicious taste. Today, we can get free Starbucks coffee by taking MyStarbucksVisit Survey. We can enjoy free Starbucks coffee every day if we follow the tips below. Are we ready to get this pleasure?

About Starbucks Café and Restaurant

Starbucks is a brand of café and restaurant that sells the best quality coffee for beloved customers. This Starbucks coffeehouse now is addicting the customers to keep coming and drink the coffee. Of course, it will happen to us from the first try. Besides coffee, this café provides the customers some best services that make the guests feel comfortable. Not to mention, we can by other Starbucks products such as food, beverages, as well as various tumblers and mugs. The café and restaurant is getting comfortable as it serves inviting atmosphere, complete with free Wi-Fi, music, and full AC. The place is charming as the seat and the decoration is homey.


In 2017, we can see that Starbucks has more than 19K franchises stores spread in 58 countries all over the world. If we are the customers of this café, we must know that the menus are changing. It can be about new food and beverages and other offers. One of the best offers that we can take is Starbucks Guest Satisfaction Survey. We will get rewards if we take participation on this program.

About MyStarbucksVisit Survey

Starbucks Survey is such an online customer survey that has a goal to evaluate the quality of the products and service of this restaurant. If we get interested in taking the survey, first thing first, we have to make sure that we own a recent Starbucks invitation code. We can get this code by buying an item at this café, and we will get a receipt that has the survey code on it. One Starbucks receipt is for one Starbucks Customer Experience Survey. In other words, if we want to take five surveys, we need five receipts. It is because we cannot use the same code for different survey takes.

After completing the survey, we will see Starbucks validation code that can lead us to get free coffee at Starbucks. The receipt with Starbucks Invitation Survey Code will get expired in 14 days after we visited the café. So, it is important to take the survey before two weeks. For the Starbuck redemption code, we need to exchange it at Starbucks within 30 days or a month.

How to take MyStarbucksVisit Feedback Customer Survey?

The only way to take Starbucks Survey is to visit In this case, we will need to get the Starbucks receipt ready. We will need to input some details about it. Alright, here are the things that we need to prepare before taking the MyStarbucksVisit. After that, we can continue to how to take the Starbucks survey step by step. Here they are:

What to Prepare for MyStarbucksVisit Starbucks Survey?
  • Computer set, or laptop, or smartphone, or tablet that has fast internet access
  • Recent receipt of Starbucks that is not older than two weeks or 14 days
  • Capability of understanding English
Step by Step for Starbucks Customer Experience Survey Guide
  • Visit, it is the official website for MyStarbucksVisit Survey
  • Chose the language we want to use, it is best to use English
  • Input 4-6 digit Starbucks customer code that we can find on the Starbucks purchase receipt
  • Click the button entitled Go
  • Start to answer all questions offered by the Starbucks Survey Page based on our experience when we visited the restaurant
  • If we are sure with our answer, we can click the button entitled Submit
Tips and Tricks to Get Free Starbucks Coffee and Gift Cards Everyday

As promised before, here we can try some best ways to get more rewards from Starbucks café and restaurant. We need to follow the tricks and the tips to make it happen. Alright, here are the best ways we should take, such as:

  • Trick #1: Starbucks Application

This famous Starbucks café and restaurant has an application that we need to download in the Google Play Store. It is a free application that provides us some services such as online order. In this case, we can add our gift cards to this Starbucks application. For the next, we have to set the payment method and so on. For our information, every time we do transaction using this application, we will get a star that we can exchange to free coffee. Besides, we will get rewards when we have a birthday.

  • Trick #2: SwagBucks

SwagBucks is such an online platform that we can redeem some gift cards, coupons, complete with the sweepstake. For the registration, we will get $5 bonus and we can redeem 1,000 Swag Bucks to get $10 Starbucks gift card.

  • Trick #3: My Survey

My Survey is an online opinion poll that will allow us to get a chance to take reward points as well as the sweepstake. We can take Starbucks sweepstakes and get 200 points. We can invite our friend to do the same and we will get extra 150 points for every friend who takes survey. We can redeem the points and get $10 Starbucks gift card to exchange with free item.

  • Trick #4: Toluna

Toluna is such a website that offers online surveys and points for our participation. The survey here will take our 15 to 20 minutes. At the maximum, we will get 20,000 points for each survey. Besides, we can redeem the points to get $10 Starbucks gift card that we can exchange with free items.

  • Trick #5: Ibotta Application

The last best way we can take is Ibotta app. We can get this application on iPhones or Android smart phone. We can follow the instructions and take some benefits offered by this application. For the Starbucks, we can get a $10 gift card.

Overall, those are the best tricks and tips we can try to get free Starbucks Coffees and gift cards, everyday. We can take MyStarbucksVisit and share our best experience. Get the Starbucks survey, get the free coffee, and have a wonderful day keliamoniz!

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