Best Menu Items to Try in Mexican Restaurants

Visiting Mexican restaurant is the best decision when you look for food variation. Perhaps, you often go to American fast-food chains. Then, it will come the time when you get bored with the menu items served there. It is because you do not have the various options when you go to this quick-service restaurant. As the example, you may only be able to order fries, burger, shakes, or cola. Besides, these menu items contain high calories. You have to deal with obesity and heart attack if you continue consuming these junk food.

In order to stay healthier, why do not you try to visit the local Mexican restaurant nearby? You will get more various menu items. But, most people worry about the extra calories contained in the mexican dish. But, it is all up to you. In fact, you can decide to order low calories menu. For instance, you can order nachos with salsa instead of nachos with cheese or sour cream topping. Besides, ordering a plate of salad is better than ordering double stuffed burritos. So, you have to be more selective with the food you order. This way, you can eat the delicious food without feeling guilty with the calorie intake.

Mexican Restaurants

The growth of Mexican restaurants seems increasing nowadays. This type of restaurant has the addictive taste of menu items. No doubt, many people never get bored visiting this restaurant. Besides, it also offers the healthy and fresh menu choices. Finding Mexican restaurant around you is simple. There are several restaurants which serve Mexican cuisine. For instance, you can visit Taco Bell, Del Taco, Taco Cabana, Baja Fresh, or Chipotle. Each of these restaurants also creates a guest satisfaction survey. This survey aims to find out the customers’ reaction after visiting their outlets. After enjoying the Mexican dish, you can try to involve in Del Taco Survey, TelltheBell, CabanaCares, or Chipotle Survey. It is the way to participate in improving this Mexican restaurant business.

With many options of Mexican restaurants near you, you may get confused to decide which one you should visit. In fact, most of these restaurants serve the similar menu items. The most important thing you have to do is selecting the menu you order. You have to be wise to choose the healthy menu items. This way, you can maintain your health. To guide you in selecting the healthy dish, here we present the best and healthiest items you can order in the Mexican restaurant. It consists of Appetizer, main course, and dessert.

  • Appetizer.

As the appetizer, you can order a plate of garden salad. This menu contains the sort of green veggie. If you want to be healthy, avoid ordering the fatty toppings such as cheese or tortilla strips. It is better to use low-fat sour cream to add the flavor of your salad. Besides, you should not eat the fried shells served in your salad. It is because the tortilla shell only adds the calories of this menu. Furthermore, you have to say no if the waiter offers you a basket of chips. Even though this snack is very delicious, it has the high calories. So, you have to avoid it. If you get bored with salad, you can try to order the soup. A bowl of soup is the good source of veggie. But, to reduce the calories in your soup, you should order broth soup instead of the creamy ones.

  • Main Course.

As the main course, you can order the grilled fish or chicken. Then as the side dish, you can ask for vegetables and beans. This menu item is nutritious as well as low calories. Besides, you also can try Vegetable Fajitas. You can ask the waiter to serve this menu with black bean and corn tortillas. To avoid the extra sodium and fat, you should not order the flour tortillas and fatty cheese. To enhance the flavor of your fajitas, you can add the fresh salsa to it.

Furthermore, you can try to order Tostadas as well. This menu item consists of light tortilla with lettuce, meat, cheese, and sour cream. Then, you can ask the waiter to serve the dressing separately. Also, to increase the nutrition, you also can order the grilled vegetables.

  • Dessert.

As the dessert, ordering some churros is a good idea. But, remember, this dish may contain the hefty calory. So, you should not overeat this dessert. Perhaps, one or two bites of churros are enough to satisfy you.

Those are some menu items you can enjoy at the Mexican restaurant. The variety of menu is not the only factor which makes the Mexican restaurant popular. There are other reasons why Tex-Mex outlets are more popular than the fast-food outlet. First, in the Mexican restaurant, you can have more interaction with the servers. Compared to the fast-food store, you only can communicate with the cashier to order your food. Besides, Mexican restaurants have more healthy menu options. Then, all ingredients to cook all the cuisine are fresh. So, you do not have to worry about the freshness of the food you eat. Some Mexican restaurants provide the open area cooking. This way, the visitors can watch the live show of cooking the meal they order.

With some reasons above, anyone cannot beat the flavor of Mexican dish. No doubt, Mexican restaurant becomes the favorite place to hang out right now. Here, you can enjoy the healthy, fresh, and nutritious food. Then, you also can feel the different atmosphere when you enjoy the authentic Mexican cuisine. So, what are you waiting for? You can go to the nearest Mexican restaurant around you. Simply visit Taco Bell, Taco Cabana, Del Taco, or Baja Fresh. If you really consider your health, do not forget to try the food we suggest above. Those menu items are not only healthy but also rich in flavor. So, you will be able to taste the authentic flavor of Mexican dish.

Besides, do not forget to take part in their customer survey. Use your receipt to access TelltheBell or Taco Bell Survey, CabanaCares, Del Taco Survey, and other surveys. Joining this surveys can give you some rewards. For instance, you can get free items or some discounts.

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